Oxford Education Research Symposium

Presentation Guidelines

Duke Humfrey's Library

Papers presented at the Symposium must adhere to previously approved abstracts. Researchers who present papers are allocated 30 minutes total for their session: 20 minutes to explain the salient points of their research followed immediately by a 10 minute Q&A session.


In order to be concise, presenters may make use of PowerPoint or any other presentation software. Please have your presentations saved locally (do not rely on access to Cloud-based services). As a back-up, it is recommended to email a copy of your presentation to yourself.


The Symposium's interest in the dissemination research may be substantially enhanced by the attendance of persons who are not directly engaged in research, but who may hold professional or governmental positions that provide opportunities for the implementation of research findings. Other researchers who are not presenting papers at the Symposium may benefit by informing their own future research endeavours and designs.


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